MERCURY MULTI PURPOSE EP GREASE is versatile, general-purpose grease recommended for use in applications where operating temperatures are between 30 -° and 225° and loads are less severe. MERCURY MULTI PURPOSE EP GREASE is an extreme pressure, multipurpose, lithium grease developed for use in a wide variety of industrial and automotive applications.


MERCURY MULTI PURPOSE EP GREASE is designed for use in a variety of industrial equipment, including centrifugal pumps, fans, compressor plain and roller bearings, chassis parts, u-joints, track rollers, crushers, and vibrating screens. MERCURY MULTI PURPOSE EP GREASE offers outstanding performance in water pumps, universal joints, chassis parts used in light trucks and passenger vehicles, commercial mowing equipment, as well as in central lube systems, gearboxes, mining equipment and many other general shop and industrial applications.

Features & Benefits

MERCURY MULTI PURPOSE EP GREASE is manufactured with high-quality base oils, lithium 12-hydroxystearate soap thickener, extreme-pressure and anti-wear additives, as well as R&O inhibiting agents. It has good load-carrying capacity for wear protection, good oxidation resistance and protects against rust and corrosion. It is a multipurpose grease for use in a wide variety of applications that has good load carrying and wear resistant properties, is shear and thermally stable, and is suitable for use in centralized lube systems.

Typical Properties

NLGI Consistency#000#00#0#1#2
Viscosity, 40°C, cSt180-210180-210180-210180-220150-200
Viscosity, 100°C, cSt15.5-17.515.5-17.515.5-17.515.5-17.511.5-14.5
Viscosity Index80 min.80 min.80 min.80 min.50 min.
Worked Penetration445-475400-430355-385310-340265-295
Dropping Point, min.semi-fluidsemi-fluidsemi-fluid176°C176°C
Oil Separation, % losssemi-fluidsemi-fluidsemi-fluid0.2% max.10%
Copper Corrosion, 98.8°C 3 hrs.1B1B1B1B1B
Four Ball EP, Weld Point250 kg.250 kg.250 kg.250 kg.250 kg.
Four Ball Wear, Scar diameter0.60 mm0.45 mm0.45 mm0.45 mm0.45 mm