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General Purpose Lubricants

Overviews And Application.

MERCURY GENERAL PURPOSE LUBRICANTS Designed for a wide range of general lubrication; from small and medium sized gear drives, to bearings, cams, ways, pumps, chain baths, and slide configurations. Used in drip cups, automatic lube systems and oil cans.

Features And Benefits

MERCURY GENERAL PURPOSE LUBRICANTS Economical alternative to straight mineral oil lubricants. Proven to out-perform mineral oils in every important category. A true multi-grade, multi-purpose oil designed for general plant wide use. • Oxidation resistant • Anti-Wear and EP Film Strength • Low Evaporation and Make-Up Rates • Rust and Corrosion Protection • Non-Drip • Reduced Consumption and Inventory • Increased Equipment Efficiency

Typical Properties

CHARACTERISTICS General Purpose Lubricants
Product GradeMO32MO46MO68MO100MO150MO220MO320
Viscosity, cSt @ 40 °C324668100150220320
Viscosity,cSt @ 100 °C5.46.98.911.413.118.025.0
Viscosity Index10510510495959595
Flash Point, °C200200210220230230240
Pour Point, ° C-18-15-15-15-15-12-12


MERCURY SPINDLE OILS are high-quality, paraffinic oils designed to lubricate high-speed machine elements. These products contain excellent rust and oxidation properties and are ideal lubricants for many machine tool spindles, especially grinders. MERCURY SPINDLE OILS contain a proprietary mix of zinc free additives to protect yellow and silver metal and ensure long equipment life.


MERCURY SPINDLE OILS are suitable for use in oil mist, pressure and bath lubrication of plain or roller bearings and their associated clutches. They are specifically designed for applications not requiring anti-wear or extreme pressure additives due to the increased risk of corrosion.

Features & Benefits

MERCURY SPINDLE OILS are formulated with high quality base stocks to provide excellent lubrication, resist oxidation and corrosion, and provide long service life. Their superior properties provide for excellent performance, extended maintenance intervals, longer spindle bearing life and increased productivity.


• IS 493(P-2) • DIN 51502 • ISO 6743/4 • ISO 6473/2

Typical Properties

Product Spindle Oil 3 Spindle Oil 10
Spindle 12
Spindle 22
Viscosity, cSt @ 40 °C 3.5 10
12 22
Viscosity, cSt @ 100 °C 1.3 2.3
3.2 4.1
Flash Point, °C 130 140 170 190
Pour Point, °C -9 -30 -18 -12
Oxidation Stability Pass Pass Pass Pass
Rust Prevention Pass Pass Pass Pass